Anton Novozhilov (aka  Gobotoru) is an Estonia-born contemporary photographer.

Anton Novozhilov was born in Estonia. He early showed an interest in photography, a passion his father supported. With father’s support, he made first shots with film cameras and exposed first prints in dark room. “I was addicted to photography since I was 7”, he recalled, “I did well, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to make art and fantasy shots and collages, and I was thrilled with the thought that one day I could do that.” 

However, he will choose to pursue art photography many years later. 

 In 2003 Anton joined the world of digital photography and started to manipulate shots with Photoshop. And next year he achieved recognition at Estonian photo contests in different nominees as creative photography and best digital photography.  

For next several years Anton was searching his own typical style. He captured insane ideas mixed with wild fantasy giving in this way essence of contemporary photography.  In 2005 Anton developed his own recognizable technique and named it Gobotoru. The style of his works became dark, harsh and dirty filled with melancholic and stressed emotions.

2007 was a remarkable year for the artist – Anton received Gran prix at the most valuated photography contest in Estonia – Estonian Nature Photo Contest.

Mixing photojournalism with studio photography, Anton emerged on the art scene in 2008, when his series People are strange was awarded the first prize in the Estonian Photography Artists competition.

Another worthy awards were third place at Nikon photo contest in 2013 and 1st place in national Pentax portrait contest.

Anton has had numerous important group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally as well as participations at Art Fairs in Finland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Tokyo.

Awards and Nominations

2004     EFK (Estonian Photography Artists’ Associations)- the best digital photoghraphy

2004     Narva’s autumn photo contest – for contributions to creative photography

2004     TFK Tallinn photoclub

2005     Narva’s autumn photo contest – the best computer processing

2006    Pentax portrait contest (Estonia)- V place

2006     EFK (Estonian Photography Artists’ Associations) -the best white and black photography

2007     EFK (Estonian Photography Artists’ Associations) – III place

2007     Estonia nature photography contest. Gran Prix,  1st place at nomination “Human and nature”, The Winner of internet vote selection

2007     Narva’s autumn photo contest – Gran Prix

2008     EFK (Estonian Photography Artists’ Associations) – I place

2008    Estonia nature photography contest. 3rf place at nomination “Human and nature”

2011     Narva’s autumn photocontest – the best single photo

2012     Pentax portrait contest – II place

2013     Nikon Photo Contest 2012 – 2013, Winner/Category A  III place

2016     Narva’s autumn photocontest – Gran Prix

2016     Pentax portrait contest – I place

2018     35AWARDS 2017  1-st great photographer at Concepual photo; 1st award winner at Conceptual photo; Jury choice; 100great photographers; TOP 10 Estonia photographers

2018     Sony World Photography Awards 2018 – 1st Place of the Estonia National Award; Commended in Enchanced category of the Open competition

Solo and Group Exhibitions

various EFK anf TFK Group Exhibitions

2006    Rostov na Donu, Russia. Art-festival photo exhibition “Others: Aliens”

2008    Moscow, Vinzavod gallery. Fashion design

2009     Photo museum „Lee“ – Solo exhibition

2013     Helsinki, Finland. Gallery Kadieff photo exhibition “Gobotoru”

2013     Hong Kong. Valais II “Alone”

2014     Hong Kong. Asia Contemporary Art Fair

2015     Hong Kong. Toof contemporary Gallery. Gobotoru’s world

2015    Stockholm. Affordable Art Fair exhibition

2016    Hong Kong. Asia Contemporary Art Fair

2016    Stockholm. Affordable Art Fair exhibition

2016    Positiiv Gallery. Art fair exhibition

2017   SerpentiForm Exhibition by Bulgari. Singapore Art Science Museum

2017   SerpentiForm Exhibition by Bulgari. Tokyo Mor Art Museum

2018    Somerset House. Sony World Photography Awards 2018 exhibition

Publication and interview

2007    PhotoLoft “Life review” part 1.

2008    PhotoLoft “Life review”  part 3. *As in the dream“

2007    Estonian nature photography annual book

2009   Estonian nature photography annual book

2012   Lõbusad objektiivd – radio interview for 35mm.ee

2013   POSITIIV photography magazine – cover and interview

2017  POSITIIV photography magazine – article